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"Snake with Serpentine Gemstones" Original Painting

"Snake with Serpentine Gemstones" Original Painting

"Snake with Serpentine Gemstones" is an original Egg Tempera painting on Paper  by Teagan McLarnan. This painting is apart of the "Life's Treasures" series that celebrates the symbolism of creatures in everyday life. Snakes have been known to symbolize creativity, flexibility and being able to adapt.  Serpentine gemstones as well are believed to be a stone for new beginnings, resilience and flexibility. Let this snake be a reminder that being open to change rather than risisting can only bring growth and great awarness. 

This painting is 8in X 10in including a warm white oval border around the image on acid free paper. Painting is adorned in a 8in X 10in vintage frame that includes glass and choice of a hanger or easel back. The vintage frame is vintage and may have a few nicks and scrapes but overall adds a unique charm to these elegant creatures. 

"Snake with Serpentine Gemstones" is an Egg Tempera painting on  paper. The paint itself is handmade with grounded pigments mixed with a solution of egg yolk and water. Egg tempera is a very time consuming medium but reveals a beautiful pearlescent finish due to the many layers of colors.

  • Sizing

    Unframed Painting 8in x 10in

    Framed 8.125in x 10.125in

    Vintage Frame is vintage and may have a few minor nicks and scrapes. Frame include glass, wall hanging and easil back. 

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