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About the Artist

Teagan McLarnan was born in Northern California and is a contemporary figurative Egg Tempera painter with a primary focus on flesh.  She attended a workshop with artist Frank Covino and received a scholarship to Covino’s studio for an additional workshop in Vermont. McLarnan has received awards such as the El Dorado Hills Art Association Scholarship and the Chandler Scholarship in 2012.  These awards Teagan received helped her attend Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts in Connecticut. Upon graduation Teagan received The Stephan and Lynne Wardlaw Prize for Excellence in Two-Dimentional Art and the John Stobart Fellowship Award with a Bachelors of Fine Arts in 2016.  Since moving back to California, McLarnan has exhibited her work in numerous group exhibitions throughout the state.

Artist Statement

Everyday when I crack an egg I am excited to pick up a brush and paint. Egg Tempera dates to the late 15th century and was the primary easel painting technique. Egg Tempera allows me to bring the craftsmanship back in my art by building my own panels, “cooking” traditional rabbit skin glue/marble dust gesso and mixing my own paint with a yolk of an egg. With the inability to “blend” with egg tempera paint, form is built up though many thin layers of cross-hatching and optical mixing. The traditional and delicate process in which to make an egg tempera painting inspires me to bring this unique medium to contemporary art. My works consist of highly realized organic subjects with the contrast of flat geometric shapes or lines. The subjects I choose to paint have been consistently present throughout art history, but my work reflects a sense of obsession and study to detail contradicting with minimalism. The compositions I place my subjects in, exploit them in a raw form that allows me to be consumed by the details that make them whole.  I draw inspiration for my work from many artists including, Maxfield Parrish, John Singer Sargent and Euan Uglow.

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